Doula-Birth companion - An old tradition

Starting a family in a foreign country comes with its unique challenges. A doula helps parents have the birth experience they hope for while living abroad. A doula recognizes birth as a key life experience, understands the physiology of birth, and the emotional needs of a woman in labour.

She assists a labouring woman in preparing for and carrying out her plans for the birth.
During labour, your doula provides hand – on comfort and progression techniques, mental and emotional encouragement, and advocacy in the medical setting, breaks for your partner and much more. Your doula will provide position ideas and resources. She will continually insure that you feel safe, heard, and respected.
Your doula will be a calming presence and a constant support. She keeps an eye on the big picture and anticipates your next need.
Anyone who is interested in such support has the opportunity, during this meeting, to get to know the services of a doula. Expectant woman and their partners can submit their questions about pregnancy, birth and early parenting, also Individual information from the present doula is available.

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Freitag, 13.01.2023
Montag, 27.03.2023
Donnerstag, 25.05.2023
Donnerstag, 20.07.2023

Zeit: 19:00 – 21:30 Uhr
Ort: Müfaz, 1. OG, Bistro (27.03. 2. OG)
Leitung: Silvia Helm-Browne
Gebühr: € 80,- / € 75,- für Mitglieder pro Termin

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